Free Publications

Please find below free publications that can heklp you in the South Dakota region.

free publications


  • UITS-Technical Assistance, Information Research, Technology Transfer
  • Internet Page
  • Small Business Innovation Research Center
  • U.S. Small Business Advisor
  • Business Owners / Managers Guide to Powerful Business Tools

  • Doing Business With the Federal Government
  • Small Business Assistance for Veterans
  • Angel Capital Electronics Network (ACE-NET)
  • Sioux Falls District Office “Programs and Services”
  • Borrower’s Guide
  • Facts About Starting Your Own Business
  • Facts About Business Coaches
  • Facts About South Dakota Business and Employer Workshops
  • Facts About New SBA LowDoc Loan
  • Facts About Fixed Asset Loans
  • Facts About Rapid Fund
  • Facts About Cap Lines Loan Program
  • Facts About How to Start a Small Business
  • Facts About Understanding Cash Flow
  • Facts About Good Record Keeping
  • Understanding Your Market
  • Natural Sleeping Pills
  • Pricing Your Products and Services
  • How to Start a Home Based Business
  • Opportunities in Exporting
  • SBA Publications
  • What to Consider When Going into Business
  • Black Hills State University Entrepreneurial Studies Program
  • Education, Networking, and Mentoring Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
  • Facts About Patents and Trademarks
  • Facts About South Dakota Finance
  • Facts About Small Business Tax Education Program
  • Facts About New Hire Reporting Laws
  • Facts About Limited Liability Companies in South Dakota

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